Back on track

My FTM-100 came back from the shop and they totally fixed the odd audio artifacts that were present when receiving WiRES-X data. Also… ICOM released a firmware update for my ID-4100A that fixed a bug that was messing up terminal mode.

These two problems derailed the plan I had last November when I swapped a bunch of equipment. My intention at that time was to use the ICOM ID-4100A in terminal mode… and to use the Yaesu FTM-100DR in Portable HRI Mode (direct). Now that the issues are resolved… I’m back on plan. This allows me to do D-Star and WiRES-X, both without any RF involved.

But I also did one more thing. I bought an Allstar Radioless Node Adapter. This little goodie takes the place of my Allstar node radio, and allows me to use my Allstar node with zero RF as well.

I should also add… my last entry mentioned needing a laptop on the desk just for WiRES-X. Well, I went ahead and gave in… and solved the problem by running Windows on my iMac full-time. No need for a laptop when I’m doing that. RIP macOS.