Down to the bare bones

Hahaha, here is the current iteration of my shack. This is as minimal as I can possibly get. I’ve gone to using my iPad Pro as my main computing device. I have only one mobile radio on my desk (a Kenwood TM-D710G hooked to an actual antenna for use with local repeaters). I have my radioless Allstar node. And I’m doing all my digital voice modes with my handhelds and hotspots. I think I’ll try this for awhile and see how it goes.

While this setup is very tidy, when I do this sort of thing it is often short-lived. I always have a tug of war going on in my head between the efficiency of minimalism vs the bigger is better concept. And the fact that I have bigger and better options sitting in my closet not being used makes it even harder to stick with the approach of making do with less. At least I’m starting to learn that selling things when I decide to scale things down is a bad idea. Because I will often swing back the other way at some point. And that gets expensive.

I use LMR-400 with my attic antenna. It’s very stiff. As I was rearranging again today, I noticed the end that hooks to the radio was at an angle that indicated damage. I tried to straighten it out. But when I put it on a meter… it was clearly not usable due to very high SWR. So I put up a makeshift indoor antenna using a tripod, a Larsen mobile antenna, and a Larsen ground radial kit (see picture below). Using this on 10 watts will work just fine.

This will have to do for awhile. Amazon Prime arrival time for PL-259 ends is over 30 days thanks to the coronavirus (it would normally be 2 days).