Ok… I did it

After deciding to simplify my shack a bit more… I concluded that I could get by with only two radios on my desk. They would be my FTDX-10 and one of my FTM-200DRs. Soon after that, I was thinking… if I’m only going to have one FTM-200DR on my desk… a shiny new FTM-500DR would be even better in that role. While it is lacking various features I might like to have, it’s probably the best VHF/UHF radio on the market. And if I sell my two extra FTM-200DRs, that makes the net cost quite reasonable. Boom!

So, I clicked the BUY button on the Yaesu FTM-500DR and associated RT Systems programming software. I have sold my two spare FTM-200DRs. I still have a third FTM-200DR acting as my WiRES-X node radio.

This change simplifies my shack. I now only have two radios on my desk. The other change I made to help simplify things, was to discontinue the use of my six Pi-Star hotspots. I figure that six openSPOT4 Pros give me enough to listen to. I don’t need the additional six hotspots. Having twelve hotspots, a WiRES-X node, and two Allstar nodes was a little overwhelming.

I do waffle back and forth between simpler vs better. But depending on how you look at it, they may be the same thing.