More simplification

I got a wild hair this time. I pulled out several radios from their boxes. And I put away a bunch of hotspots and such. Then I proceeded to reduce things down to one thing “per mode”. I will have:

  • One way to do C4FM. My WiRES-X node.
  • One way to do D-Star. My ICOM IC-4100A in terminal mode.
  • One way to do DMR. Only one hotspot, running DMRGateway. Monitoring multiple talk groups and networks on one frequency.
  • One way to do Allstar. One node instead of two.
  • One FM frequency on my base antenna. 146.52

This setup essentially means, no more spinning the frequency/memory selector knob on any of my VHF/UHF radios. All the radios will be parked on their single frequency. Each radio will have one mode. And each mode will only have one frequency. Gone are the days of having fifteen nodes and hotspots all going at once. I no longer have to decide between WiRES-X and YSF reflectors. C4FM will always be WiRES-X. And no more crossmoding. Each mode is native.

What I had going here was some serious scope creep. If I stick to this setup… I might have some gear to sell.