Did I say simplification?

My last post indicated I was simplifying things. But I quickly realized, the result was way too much stuff on my desk. And six, count them, six microphones on my desk. I had to work from home a day or so last week. And the desk was way too crowded with the extra laptop. So today I did another reorganization.

I have ditched my WiRES-X node. Because I think WiRES-X doesn’t give enough benefit to make it worthwhile. I could easily run a WiRES-X node. I have the gear sitting right here. I see no point in it. I will still use YSF reflectors however.

And I have ditched the TGIF DMR network. The TGIF DMR network does not play nicely with the openSPOT. And neither SharkRF or TGIF want to fix it. They both understand the problem. And either one of them could fix it if they wanted to. Because of this… if I wanted to use the TGIF network I would have to use a DMR radio and a Raspberry Pi hotspot. And yes, I have several DMR radios and several Raspberry Pi hotspots. But it’s not worth the extra clutter on the desk when I have so many other ways to communicate. The other DMR networks I use work fine with my openSPOT and my C4FM radio.

Oh yeah… and I ditched my VoIP phone that I had setup with ham only VoIP services. It might have been a neat idea. But it in reality it ends up being a little creepy unless you have friends that also have it.

With my FTM-500DR I can talk through my six openSPOT4 Pro hotspots, my two Allstar nodes, or my attic antenna. I figure that should be enough. At the moment I’m thinking this is better than a desk full of radios.