Some new gear

It’s true. I have a pretty good station with two Yaesu FTM-500DRs and a Yaesu FTDX-10. But Yaesu really chaps my hide sometimes. Their mobile radios are missing features that are found in all my other radios. And they clearly don’t listen to their users. Makes me mad. The fact that no official channel exists to provide them product suggestions or feedback is very telling.

So I figured I’d put away my two FTM-500DRs and buy an ICOM ID-5100A. The 5100A has the alleged missing features. But immediately after I got the 5100A… I started really wanting an ICOM IC-7100. I was happy to see them become available again a little while back. My wife encouraged me to do this and that was all I needed. I am well aware that my FTDX-10 is a better HF radio than the IC-7100. But I really like the IC-7100. And to be honest, I’m really not that into HF.

So now I have a new ICOM ID-5100A and a new ICOM IC-7100. And I have a new problem. Both of these radios do VHF/UHF, but I have only one VHF/UHF antenna. The ID-5100A is a great radio. I could run it on a dummy load for use with my hotspots. But I think I will put it aside in favor of using the IC-7100 in the manner for which it was designed. And that is, one radio to do everything.

So I put away my two FTM-500DRs, my FTDX-10, and my ID-5100A. And with no C4FM radios in the shack, I have no further need for a WiRES-X node. So I put that away as well. I may sell one (or both) of my FTM-500DRs. But for now I will just sit tight and see what kind of different ideas I come up with for my shack. Right now there are no Yaesu radios in sight… and I’m good with that.