Getting ready

Ok, maybe this is a small deal. But I heard from Yaesu and my FTM-100DR has been repaired and is on it’s way back to me. Also… I learned yesterday that ICOM recently released a firmware update for my radio (which I installed this morning). This fixes the bug in their terminal mode. In preparation for having the intended functionality back with my gear, I rearranged my shack today. I intend to revert back to the original plan I had back in November when I sold most of my radios and got my current crop of gear. I bought a small shelving unit and moved quite a few things around.

My original plan changed when my FTM-100DR exhibited a glitch with WiRES-X. The plan was further derailed by firmware bugs in the terminal mode feature of the ICOM ID-4100A. Now that these problems have been worked out, I’m going to give this another go. So the idea is:

  • Use my ICOM ID-4100A in terminal mode with QnetGateway for D-Star
  • Use my Yaesu FTM-100DR in Portable HRI Mode (direct) for WiRES-X
  • Use one Yaesu FTM-3200DR with my attic antenna for local repeaters
  • Use the second Yaesu FTM-3200DR for full-time monitoring of my Allstar/Echolink/IRLP node

One new twist… I had one openSPOT2. At the point I got all frustrated with WiRES-X… and terminal mode flaked out on me… the openSPOT2 went on sale and I bought two more. So I have three openSPOT2 hotspots. This will be fine. Because I can still use those with my three HT radios. One for DMR, one for Fusion, and the third for D-Star. Should be a reasonably good setup. I will be able to monitor seven things at one time (not including HF).

On my shelving I have two blank spots. The spot on the top shelf is for the laptop that will run WiRES-X. The spot on the second shelf will be for the FTM-100. In the interest of simplicity, I am going to attempt to tolerate the built-in speakers on these radios. Things get considerably messier if I try to put an external speakers on all of them.

Whew… this is work

I’m afraid that I have been spending way too much time and effort trying to come up with the “optimal” setup for my desk/shack. Not only have I rearranged things many, many times. But every time I switch things around… I have to update my QRZ page with the new details because I don’t want it to be out of date. I finally gave up on that a couple of days ago and decided to remove all the details about my setup. Instead I will just have a picture. That will be way easier to keep up to date.

Still waiting to get my Yaesu FTM-100DR back from the Yaesu repair shop. I am very curious to see if they will even acknowledge that it has a problem. Honestly, when it comes back I’m not even sure that I will use it. It really boils down to whether or not I decide to go back to running WiRES-X. I do know that I really like not having a laptop on the desk. And since the only reason for the laptop is to run WiRES-X… it makes the idea of using a hotspot instead very attractive.

Below, you can hear the recording of the problem that caused me to send my radio to Yaesu for repair. It happens when receiving data via WiRES-X. And it happens even with the volume all the way down.