about us and this blog

This is simply a spot on the web that I setup for my wife and I where we can say stuff.

First, let me give you a way to contact me. My email address is my first name at the domain used as the title of this blog. I had to turn off comments on the blog because they were getting a huge amount of spam. So feel free to comment in email if you are inclined.

I’m Elden. My interests are typically technical in nature. My general pastime might be described as “tech enthusiast”. I used to run a halfway-decent BBS system under the IBM OS/2 operating system back in the days before the internet was a thing. That would be almost 30 years ago now. This is where the name “moondog” came from. Back then I was a computer genius when compared to your average person. Now… advanced tech knowledge is way more commonplace. While I still have fairly extended knowledge in this area… it’s way less special than it used to be. I purposely decided at some point that I no longer wish to be a “power user”, and pretty much just fell in line as a typical consumer. I am also an Amateur Extra Class radio operator. Radio stuff is fun. Most of my posts will be geeky.

My wife is Shawna. Her interests are typically non-technical. She spends a lot of time keeping abreast of politics and current events. She is probably more patriotic than anyone I know. And it breaks her heart to see the road our country is going down after the price that her son and many others have paid fighting for our freedom. She has a high degree of interest and passion for any cause that honors military veterans… and more specifically ones that honor our fallen soldiers and their families. She is also committed to being an inspiration to others in various ways. Making a difference is on her list of priorities. Most of her posts will not be geeky.

Thanks for stopping by!