Giving Lubuntu a whirl

I’ve been contemplating what to do about potentially messing up my Linux Mint installations by changing repositories for the MATE desktop environment. I was not having any trouble, but the idea that I totally strayed from the official accepted practices by adding a foreign repository bothered me.

I was also questioning if Linux Mint was really the best choice of distributions for me. Ubuntu is the most popular. So running something based on that (as Linux Mint is) seems like a smart idea. But I was contemplating running one of the other distros that I felt were probably even more closely tied to Ubuntu like Lubuntu or Xubuntu.

I settled on Lubuntu. So this morning I wiped Linux Mint off of both my machines and installed Lubuntu.

Lubuntu is light-weight, but still has a fair amount of polish. The main thing I care about is functionality and compatibility with the Ubuntu base. Unlike Linux Mint… Lubuntu uses only standard Ubuntu repositories. I think this is a big plus.