Another reason

I’ve been thinking more about the Chrome OS thing. See here’s the sweet thing… if a person can do the Chrome OS thing and live with it… they’ve just become the ultimate tech nomad. They use any computer anywhere, login to their Google account and walla. Everything is there. Everything. No configuration. No set up. No installing anything. No compatibility issues.

Ok, does one give up a thing or two? Sure. I am assuming I’ll need occasional access to a real PC. I have a 160GB iPod. It’s needs to be synced. Honestly… that’s probably about the only reason.

Part of what will make this easier for me is that I’ve been working toward it for over a decade. In all my playing with Linux, Windows, and Macs… the holy grail has been trying to put my data in a format that was independent of the platform. Otherwise it would be very cumbersome and painful to switch from one OS to another. And yes… I used to do it anyway. But I like the idea of what amounts to zero impact.